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"A brilliant, important book. . . . These men talk to her as they have probably never talked in their lives before, and the rich and intricate tapestry she weaves from their stories is enough to make one rethink our entire Western value system."

"Stiffed is an admirable, serious, and humane book. It records the dead-end [that] society has put men into as workers, parents, and citizens. Stiffed is blessedly free of jargon and full of telling detail. Its analysis is meant to provoke debate and will continue to do so."

"Stiffed is a brilliant book, by a woman who likes us in spite of ourselves."

". . . the product of six years of aggressive reporting and an admirable knack for bringing the results to life. No one will ever put this book down for lack of vivid scene setting or compassionate observation."

". . . a fair-minded and energetically reported book."

"Looking through new eyes, Stiffed gives both men and women a fresh appreciation for what it means—and more importantly how it feels—to be an American male in search of identity at a time when the definition of manhood is in question. Well-conceived, meticulously researched and well-written. . . . Stiffed is a landmark, a remarkable and rare book that will change the way men lok at themselves and help women understand them better."

". . . a sprawling combination of reportage, cultural analysis and pop psychology, is both a trenchant critique of American culture and an embodiment of its most pernicious aspects."

"This is brilliant stuff, cutting through nonsense, letting men speak for themselves and taking from their words original and compassionate insights. Bravo."

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